MLK Edition

Happy MLK Day, everyone! Sorry, it’s almost over. But one can never learn enough about Martin Luther King Jr. I say this because in recent years, I’ve listened to his most famous speeches again — really listened to them, rather than just paying attention to the snippets they showed us in history class. And they are amazing.

So first, in case anyone needs a little refresher course on Dr. King’s life, specifically the last few years of his life (including a period when he struggled to stay politically relelvant), check out the PBS/American Experience documentary “Citizen King.” It’s amazing! And I’m not supposed to tell you to do this, but it appears several parts of this film are available on YouTube. In order. Ahem, ahem.

Second, I saw this amazing documentary this summer about the days and moments before MLK’s assassination called “The Witness From the Balcony of Room 306”. It’s a lovely film.

Here’s a link to an NPR Morning Edition story on a recently discovered MLK speech.

Here’s a link to the video I did of the MLK march in San Antonio.

Lastly, here’s a video of something I like to remember every now and again, as just a little reminder of how much things have changed since MLK’s life and untimely death.

Yeah, yeah, I know, bleeding heart, bleeding heart, once again. Eh. S’ok.


~ by viannadavila on January 18, 2010.

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